About Amakhala Game Reserve

Amakhala Game Reserve boasts 18,000 acres of Big 5 territory and you are highly likely to have excellent sightings of Rhino, Lion, Buffalo and Elephant, while the more elusive animals encountered could include the bat-eared fox, hyena or even a leopard.

Day and night game drives accompanied by professional game rangers are offered, giving you the privilege of seeing world famous African wildlife in their natural habitat.

Amakhala’s wildlife includes the highly sought-after Big Five (Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard, Lion). Both black and white Rhino are present and are regularly seen. An abundance of several antelope species can be spotted as well including kudu, red hartebeest, springbok and blesbok. Amakhala is involved in a relocation project for cheetah and this charismatic predator is one of the reserve’s flagship species

Sighting of the rare Cape clawless otter is usually enjoyed with a river cruise on the Bushman’s River. The endemic black wildebeest species is a regular sighting, often roaming with the Burchell’s zebras. On night drives the elusive Caracal is sometimes spotted.

Birding safaris at Amakhala Game Reserve is ever popular and a year round activity.  Migratory birds from Europe are prevalent during November to April.

You can also go on a discovery of prehistoric bushmen burial ground or Africa’s ancient dinosaur fossil sites.

Amakhala and other smaller parks, as well as the Kruger National Park, are at serious risk to Rhino poaching unless rhino monitoring programs and other security measures are implemented and maintained. A Conservation Levy is essential to assist in the significant costs associated with multi-layered anti-poaching measures on Amakhala Game Reserve.

The Conservation Levy will primarily fund the anti-poaching units and a dedicated rhino monitoring program to preserve and protect the rhinos of Amakhala Game Reserve.

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